What I do

I'm a Video Game Programmer & a Game Designer working mainly in C# (With Unity), JavaScript / HTML / CSS & Node . I've specialized in creating mobile games , implementing the UI / UX and the gameplay .
I'm also teaching, as a volunteer, Scratch for kids from 10 to 14
My biggest dream is to create games that people will enjoy and love! I'm currently working at Ubisoft as an Associate Lead Gameplay programmer

Professional projects

My Work


was made during a jam organised at Ubisoft! The purpose was to make a mobile game and use the sound as our core feature. We decided to make a small contemplative tap game. Each galaxy represent classical music and each planets represent a note. You have to link the notes in the right order then tap on the planet at the right tempo to score and reproduce the song! Have a fun and safe travel!

is a scripted adventure game made as an end of studies project. A mother tries to get back her memory that she lost after a serious trauma. You'll try to recover her memory by playing into the mind of the mother and connecting objects with senses to find the truth ! The current build is available to download on itch.io here ! (PC + Xbox Gamepad).

is a game made during ISART Digital Jam with Samya Khemri. We wanted to make a game inspired by Lemmings!. The goal is to make your Bloppings help each others to reach the end. You can click on 2 blue Bloppings to create a new one that block your Bloppings for exemple! Have fun saving all of them !

Is a 3D cooperation game made during the Global Game Jam 2015. It's a online game where 2 players must cooperate to Reach the other one on his planet. We wanted to connect 2 randoms people with our game ! The only way to communicate is to send pictures of what you see ("right click" to send, "E" to watch the received picture) ! Have fun meeting and sharing with a random stranger !

Is a downloadable musical 2D game made with Gabin Ferellec. You have to put a .ogg music in the /music folder, then play the game. The levels, and enemies generated by sound. Dodge the orange, purple and green blocks while catching stars! The more stars you catch, the more points you gain. I recommend playing the game with electronic music!

Is a downloadable Oculus survival horror game made with 3 other people in my class. You play a character that needs to escape an asylum. To do so, you have to move with the joystick. When you see an enemy, you need to look at him. If you look at him, he won't be able to move and attack you. But be careful, enemies come from all directions...

Is my first game made with Unity . It's a 2D shoot'em'up where you control a spaceship and need to destroy the waves of enemies.



Is an arena battle between 2 - 4 local players made with Romain Bonhomme! You have to fight to plunder treasure and rum and be the last pirate standing! There are 3 modes Enjoy your fight, Yaaar! (You need Xbox controller to play).

Was made during the Global Game Jam 2014 with Christophe Galati. You will face a crowd who will judge you. The mores complexes you have you are, the more dull and foggy the settings will be. The more comfortable you are with who you are, the more colorful the setting will become. Don't get lost in the mist of your complexes...


It's a web demo made in a week with Christophe Galati by using ThreeJS. It was the first time I tried making something with ThreeJS. It was really fun and amusing. We tried to do something colorful and special. We just wanted to test some features from ThreeJS (GodRay, Shaders, manipulating meshes...)

This game was made with Thibault Eynard! We did it to undersand how Babylon.js works! We came with this little runner game. Use your arrow key to move from left - right and use your spacebar to slow down. Just like 3JS the purpose was to test a lot of features like lights, particles and shaders.

Who am I

My name is Thomas Fontaine . I got my bachelor degree in July 2015 as a "Game Designer & Programmer" at ISART Digital (France). I've been playing since I'm a child, thanks to my father! Blizzard's game like Warcraft I, Diablo I, StarCraft I were a big part of my childhood! I also played game like Sid Meier's Civilization or Lords of the Realm II . They made me love those moments in front of the computer discovering those mysterious worlds and stories!
Years passed, I grew up and video game is still a big part in my life. I'm no longer just a gamer, I am now part of those who make it happen.